Overlooking emotional problems in the school can lead to grave consequences for students, parents and educators. Many students experience emotional or mental health issues at some point in their academic careers. For some students, these issues can escalate into severe behaviors – behaviors that are harmful to the student and/or to others. Educators are in a unique position to help struggling students while also identifying and preventing the most severe outcomes – bullying, harassment, self-injury, violence and suicide. This seminar will help professional educators identify, reach, teach and/or refer students with serious mental health concerns.

Critical Mental Health Training


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A daunting amount of information is now available about mental health issues. The complexity of much of this information sometimes leads to misunderstandings, tentativeness, and possible mistakes in handling mental health issues with students. The presenter of this seminar will provide straightforward insights, innovative strategies and “how-to-handle” tips for real cases in classrooms and schools. Interpreting mental health behaviors according to intensity, frequency, duration and impact will also be addressed – including what to do when a student has moved into a crisis phase. Participants will develop an understanding of critical mental health issues in a way that will help both educators and students in their classrooms and schools.


In this information-packed training, you will learn to:

    - Distinguish Different Types of Critical Mental Health Disorders Facing Youth

    - Recognize Predictive and Contributing Factors Affecting Mental Health

    - Identify the Underlying Reasons for Self-Injurious Behavior

    - Interpret the Self-Injurious Cycle and Intervention Mapping

    - Integrate Best Practices for Suicide Prevention and Intervention

    - Associate the Connections between Social Media, Mental Health and Our Youth

    - Apply School-Wide Strategies for Mental Health Protocol

    - Develop Strategies Designed to Empower Students to “Be the Difference!”

Training Description

Earn up to 6 CE Hours!

About the Speaker

Kaye Randall is a nationally known author and speaker who has led professional seminars throughout North America on student mental health, bullying, self-injury, depression, anxiety and anger -- as well as youth leadership and student empowerment. Kaye has inspired seminar participants through her practical insights, humor, and proactive strategies for helping children and adolescents. She continues to provide clinical services to both children and adolescents and has been named social worker of the year by the Council on Adoptable Children. She is co-author of See My Pain, Creative Strategies & Activities for Helping Young People Who Self-Injure (featured in USA Today), 102 Creative Strategies for Working with Depressed Children & Adolescents, and Mean Girls: 101½ Creative Strategies and Activities for Working with Relational Aggression.

Kaye Randall


In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute.

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